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David K. Horvath, GMB, CAPS, CGP, LEED-AP
General Manager, Certified Builder
Office: (615) 791-5678
Cell:  (615) 319-0000
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22 Colonel Winstead Dr.
"We would highly recommend Craftsman Homes.” - John  & Sandra Sims

“We were very pleased with everything from start to finish. We would definitely recommend Craftsman Homes to friends.” - Steve & Sue Rolen

“The process was very smooth and well organized. We had a good level of communication with Craftsman Homes and anytime we had questions, Dave was available to answer them.” - Tim & Michelle Franke

“We greatly appreciated Craftsman Homes’ availability to us as we made sudden changes or had questions.” - Ocie & Marilyn Howard

“Denise and I want to thank you for your conscientious work and the obvious effort you and your team put forth in the remodel of our home. Many of our friends and family can hardly believe it is the same house”
- Scott & Denise Jungmichel

“Dave was fun to work with, with a good sense of humor and also a very honest home builder!” - Jack & Carmen Gentry

“With Craftsman Homes we got a lot of house for the money.”
- Patrick & Allison Montanari

“The quality and craftsmanship in the house is great.” - Steve & Lisa Logan

“The service has been good. Every time we have had a concern, the concern has gotten addressed in a reasonable time.”
- Terry & Julie Maxwell

“We definitely would use Craftsman Homes again.”
- Chris & Natalie Beckman

“We had good communication and were very impressed with the hands-on approach. We would recommend David and we would consider him on our next home.” - Guy & Jana Rogers

“David Horvath is very easy to communicate with. He is very diligent in what he does and sees to it that we are happy with the results.”
- Ocie & Marilyn Howard
Excellence is the unlimited ability to improve the quality of what you have to offer.
“My wife and I are pleased with the quality of work done on our home. Craftsman Homes is also prompt in responding to any issues we had after moving into the house.” - Dale & Kimberlyn Jones

“We believe our house is a well build, solid house. Dave went above and beyond.” - Dan & Lisa Mohnke

“Craftsman Homes and their staff made obstacles inherent in building a custom home transparent.”
- Michael & Sharon Seibert

“We would gladly recommend Craftsman Homes to others.” - Dan & Wendy LaRese

“I’m satisfied with the energy efficient home! My electric bill for this size house was considerably lower than most homes.” - Danny & Holly Buchanan

“Dave was wonderful in providing suggestions or creative ideas for even the decorative items...”
- Ocie & Marilyn Howard

“It was easy to communicate with the builder.” - Terry & Julie Maxwell

“Craftsman Homes has delivered quality and shown a commitment to stand behind that quality inside and out.” - Keith & Beth Newlin

“Everyone who has been in our home has commented on the workmanship. The detail inside the home is that which you would expect in a house three times the price of this one. David seems to be truly committed to his work and his dedication is evident in the final product.” - Jeff & Shannon Hopper

“We couldn’t be more pleased with the work throughout the house. The craftsmanship shows throughout. Friends are truly one of the blessings of life. We are counting David as a new friend.” - William & Audrey Lambert

“We enjoyed the building process and the rapport with the builder. We have and will continue to recommend Craftsman Homes to our friends and family.”  - - Scott & Denise Jungmiche

“This home equals quality, plain and simple. We liked David’s personal, hands-on involvement.”
- Stan & Terry Cooper

“The service was excellent throughout the process.” - Tim & Michelle Franke

“We would use Craftsman Homes to build our next home because of the attention to quality and detail offered.” - Ocie & Marilyn Howard

“Yes, we would recommend Craftsman Homes to friends and others.”  - Thomas & Betty Duncan

“Tracey and I are so very excited about the house and the craftsmanship you put into your houses we are already talking about looking for some more land. If things work out as we anticipate, we will most likely start looking at other acreage to build on within the next couple of years. Needless to say, you will be our builder.” - Kevin & Tracey Rogers

Any time I have called David with a problem, he has always been quick to correct it. I’m very satisfied with the expedient way in which things are handled.” - Danny & Holly Buchanan

“Changes were made with no problems. We love the quality of our home.” - Dan & Wendy LaRese

“Craftsman Homes kept us informed throughout the building process to ensure that selections were made in sequence and in a timely manner.” - Michael & Sharon Seibert

“The end result far exceeded our expectations.”  - Scott & Denise Jungmiche